April 6th, 2014 by Blake Lucchesi

Getting up to Speed with iOS

Until I joined SendHub this past December I had only done a small bit of iOS development. The last app I shipped hadn’t been worked on for nearly 12 months and since that time iOS 7 had been released. So when I joined the team I started to look for resources I could use to get myself up to speed quickly. As helpful as a long form book can be, I tend to find that I make the most progress in learning when trying to solve real problems that face my current task at hand.

Videos and Screencasts

Blogs, Articles and Periodicals

Question and Answer


Twitter typically helps me find topics and thoughts from individuals that don’t have a constant stream of blog posts, and are sharing one-off gems of insight. Below is a starter list of some people I follow on the Twittersphere that have shared some great links.

Teammates and Code Review

And last but certainly not least was the collaboration of my colleagues at SendHub. A steady dose of code review is a sure fire way to share knowledge between team members. I’ll be making a point to post more about the benefits on code review in the future.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to share your secret sources of Objective-c delight below in the comments.

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