Sep 16, 2012 by Blake Lucchesi

GoGaRuCo 2012: What a Great Experience

I had a blast! This was my first time at a large scale Ruby event and I think what impressed me the most was how welcoming everyone was. The Ruby community typically gets labelled as being a bunch of elitists. All I can say is not at this event. All of the speakers had such an encouraging and positive tone while delivering their presentations.

Update: You can now watch all of the sessions from GoGaRuCo on the Confreaks.com website.

A Shortlist of Takeaways from My Favorite Sessions

From Heather Rivers' talk “Linguistic Potluck: Crowdsourcing Localization in Rails”

From Yehuda Katz’s talk “Cruft and Technical Debt: A Long View”

From Jack Danger Canty’s talk “Mega Rails”

I’m Feeling Rejuvenated!!!

First, let’s take a step back. The decision to shut down ChapterBoard and open source the code was a really tough one. Four years of on-again off-again development alongside two intense years of marketing and user acquisition left us with a lot of lessons learned, but more importantly an increasingly close relationship with our fans and users. Over the past few months, Alex and I would continue to sit down and discuss new ideas and we found ourselves continually second guessing the usefulness and viability of the idea.

In the two weeks leading up to the conference I started to look a little more optimistically about moving on to work on something new. That feeling was increased ten-fold once I actually got the conference and saw all of the excitement from fellow programmers and entrepreneurs. I found that a lot of the discussions I was having between sessions were not just “so, what version of Ruby do you use?”, but much more about the passion someone felt for what they were working on and working towards. Passion, my friends, is contagious.

GoGaRuCo 2012 t-shirt The awesome looking t-shirts for this years event.

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