Hi, my name is Blake, welcome to my website! I'm a professional web and iOS developer who enjoys playing in unprofessional adult soccer leagues. I currenly live in San Francisco and work at Mattermark. I'm a big fan of the Anaheim Ducks and Arsenal FC. While most of my professional experience has been on web related projects using PHP or Ruby on Rails, lately I've been putting all my efforts into iOS development and Sinatra powered APIs. You can reach me on twitter at @blakelucchesi.

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Personal Projects

Go Team! for Team Cowboy Dec 2012

Sports teams use Team Cowboy to coordinate their schedule and figure out who is showing up to games. We use it all the time for our soccer teams and really wanted an iPhone app (constantly logging into the site on mobile safari didn't feel right). So I built a native iOS application that connects to the Team Cowboy API. Read here for more details and a nifty demo video.

ChapterBoard Aug 2008 – Jul 2012

Our first product was ChapterBoard, an organization and financial management application for Fraternities and Sororities. After four years of hosting the service for nearly a thousand chapters across the U.S. and Canada we decided to open source the code and focus our efforts on new projects.